Administration and personal section

  1. Assist the steering committee of the department in the work of the organization of personnel management, administration and protocol information, communicate and disseminate propaganda and party policies and regulations and the law of government they are updated.
  2. Assume the responsibility to handle the input and output documents and manage documents official’s department so they are not lost and are not degraded. Make records, monitor and controls the implementation of decrees and orders and report to higher authority regularly and on time.
  3. Collect, manage documents and biographies of various actions of staff-officers. To study the implementation of various policies such as: the politics of social security, retirement allocation policy, congratulate or to subject disciplines staff-officials who depend on the management department.
  4. Organize and manage the order of the general staff, transportation, equipment and all goods that are represented in the list of the use of department.
  5. Creating the budget plan, summarize the progress in the implementation of the work during the week, month, quarter, and year. Summarize the administrative work, action and policy work of the organization during the quarter and year and propose to the Director of the Department consider to report to higher authority regularly and on time.
  6. Manage statistical work, budget and the work of accounting and finance department. Monitor and control the budget and accounting-finance various projects attached to the department. Summarize and report financial statement (statements of accounts) in a way to report monthly to the department head for it to be officially informed and on time.
  7. Manage the work of cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations. Summarize-summarize the progress in cooperation monthly, quarterly, annually, and submit the report to the Director to review it relates to the higher authority regularly and on time.

Management construction and repair section

  1. Check the terms of construction and repair of buildings, the core activities of various infrastructures located in the territory of the preserved area of heritage.
  2. Monitor and control the construction and repair of various activities with the parties concerned, the ownership of the project, the contractor that operates the business in the territory of the protected heritage area.
  3. Provide recommendations, projects or discussions of construction and repair activities to conduct operations in accordance with the plan issued and used construction equipment correct, correspondent and in harmony with the work of heritage preservation.
  4. Promote and help raise the technical level the various parties to be informed and understand the construction, repair, preservation, restoration and renovation so that they are correct according to the procedure of backup and preservation of heritage.

Information center:

  1. Development, management, promotion and development of heritage information services. (Publish information about Luang Prabang to World Heritage Sites for parents, students and visitors. Those interested in visiting the database of sticker design, poster advertising, souvenirs on the protection of Luang Prabang World Heritage)
  2. Create and upgrade information technology curricula for office units.
  3. Collect and analyze information to create information technology used in planning and conservation of the World Heritage (Urban, Pond, Building, etc.).
  4. (Create database to create and create database, legacy website, gather office functions).
  5. Create electronic database.
  6. Maintenance of electronics and office systems.
  7. Coordinate and coordinate with domestic and international organizations in information technology.

Planning and heritage management section

  1. Establish the plan, save the city map in the LPB zone maintained at the same time promote development, make the drawing detailed plans for each activity and facility in the area of community and different villages to submit the proposal to higher authority for its approval and announcement use as a manual for the implementation of the construction, repair, rehabilitation or preservation.
  2. Hold meetings at different levels, to make propaganda to inform each party as well as the entire population residing in the heritage area and other areas, about the planning of maintenance and further development of World Heritage LPB according to the policy issue by the state.
  3. Collect statistical data in different architectural history of LPB, data on the remarkable artistic culture and history in the city that are attached to the lifestyle of the people of multiple ethnic Lao and the great people of antiquity who saved and rehabilitated so far.
  4. Participate in giving feedback and technical guidance as the limit of its liability to the resort, other sections, government organizations, private and international plan for the management of the city, the preservation of the architecture, sight, heritage and environmental quality of the city.

Water and environment section

  1. Monitor, control and evaluate the implementation of the safeguard plan and development, construction management and repair activities. Grow ornamental plants in the city and save the ancient trees that mark identity and have special meaning for them to be sustainable forever.
  2. Promote community development and provide technical assistance for the preservation of the environment, natural views, remarkable architecture of the city, and the development of public parks and various places of rest within the territory heritage a certain limit or the higher authority has assigned the task.
  3. Promote and coordinate with other parties to provide technical assistance in organizing the management and disposal of garbage and dirty water and bad things and different views pollution inside the city.
  4. Coordinate with the various parties to make propaganda for the protection of the environment of the city to make it clean and beautiful and without different kinds of pollutions dangerous.
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