Luang Prabang world heritage office


At the request of the Lao Government, with the support of the French Government and UNESCO, Luang Prabang has created an Office which was called “the World Heritage House ”, now the “Department of Luang Prabang World Heritage.” This Department’s role is to ensure that the work of preservation and development of the heritage of Luang Prabang is performed following the World Heritage Centre’s requests and advise departments concerned, residents, local investors, and foreigners, etc.

It also has the mission to implement projects intended to initiate a process of rehabilitation and revaluation.

To compensate for this lack of expertise in heritage management, the local Committee of Luang Prabang in charge of world heritage has sought experienced partners. At UNESCO’s proposal, the town of Chinon which has substantial experience in the management of heritage has agreed to help Luang Prabang. The World Heritage Department acts as an instrument for decentralized cooperation between Luang Prabang and Chinon.

This building was created in 1920, when it was used as a tax office, which was restored in 1998 after the restoration of the building. To be the Office of Technical Affairs for the Protection of the World Heritage. With the help of a mediator of the Uruguayan World Heritage Fund IUD. After completion of the restoration, this building will be used to:

  • Use as an office to preservation Luang Prabang World Heritage site.
  • It is a place to build Lao architects at the World Heritage Committee, and to provide construction companies with a restoration.
  • Create various restructuring programs as models.

Duty as follows:

  • To study and implement the Party’s political line, guidelines, and the government’s plan, the ministry and the province. It must transform them into the plan, program or project in detail for implementation.
  • Intensify the context of safeguarding works and promote the heritage LPB in order to transform them into detailed regulations to implement the special safeguard measures in accordance with the limits of the territory already determined.
  • Implement the management, maintenance, preservation, rehabilitation, construction, renovation and promoting the enhancement of the heritage according to the general management plan that the government approved.
  • Identifying the policy plan for infrastructure, buildings and the use of land WITHIN the limits of world heritage. Participate in giving commentaries, discuss and technical recommendations on architectural and heritage management for the various activities concerning the construction, repair, demolition, rehabilitation of buildings and the various activities of the infrastructure.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with people, different organisms or the relevant sections within the country or abroad who have the objective of supporting the various activities related to the work of management of conservation, preservation, rehabilitation, construction, Training-seminar or raising staff capacity buildings.
  • Monitor and coordinate with relevant parties to solve problems and the various conflicts that can be reached or enforcement measures against those who violated the rules of asset management by the various parties in the area of ​​heritage.
  • Make efforts to find financial resources, generate sources of revenue, manage the finances according to the rules and principles of the Ministry of Finance and establish the budget plan effectively for the annual expenditure for transportation and the different equipment for its action granting the objectives and regulations.
  • Make propaganda and inform the public and various organizations concerned about the application of the regulations and laws to respect them and they participate in the safeguarding of national heritage.
  • Establish the annual staff, collect biographies, manage, work, train its state officials according to their specialty and also train them politically. Implement social policies to the staff-officers who are under its responsibility.

Entitled as follows:

  • Conduct research and establish the terms of various regulations as necessary linking to the work of Luang Prabang heritage preservation, then the offer has the authority to approve administrative provincial and after applying them.
  • Make notes of recommendation or references to all parties within the province, that execute the laws, decrees, decisions, cooperation agreements, programs, projects to increase the command-recommendations the government, the Ministry of Information and Culture and the province have already announced for the application according to its role.
  • To propose to the parties involved or the authorization of more than temporarily or permanently stop the action of a project that does not meet the goals of preservation and at the same time in conflict with the regulations and the law or the contract already determined.
  • Organize meetings, seminars, training techniques work for wealth management.
  • Participation in the study, correction, control, management of projects and different activities that the government, the province or the parts have the operation within the protected area of ​​heritage.
  • To attend all meetings concerning their area at the central, departmental, organizational level, district, village and group of villages that have organized.
    Participate in meetings, seminars, various training courses on the work of heritage or other relevant work within the country or abroad as approved by the Minister or the Governor of the province.
  • Sign conventions, sub-agreements or memoranda with foreign countries, international organizations, in agreement with the approval of the Minister, Governor or chief authority concerned.
  • To propose to the Minister of Information and Culture and the governor to improve, create or cancel certain bodies of work that is operating under its responsibility.
  • To propose the appointment, rank, salary raise, accept input, resignation, change jobs, return and apply disciplines to the staff-officers who are under its responsibility on the basis of the regulation on the staff of the RDP Lao.
  • Manage, use the transportation, property status, equipment-equipment and the state budget delivered on the principles and regulations established.

Administration and personal division

  1. Assist the steering committee of the department in the work of the organization of personnel management, administration and protocol information, communicate and disseminate propaganda and party policies and regulations and the law of government they are updated.
  2. Assume the responsibility to handle the input and output documents and manage documents official’s department so they are not lost and are not degraded. Make records, monitor and controls the implementation of decrees and orders and report to higher authority regularly and on time.
  3. Collect, manage documents and biographies of various actions of staff-officers. To study the implementation of various policies such as: the politics of social security, retirement allocation policy, congratulate or to subject disciplines staff-officials who depend on the management department.
  4. Organize and manage the order of the general staff, transportation, equipment and all goods that are represented in the list of the use of department.
  5. Creating the budget plan, summarize the progress in the implementation of the work during the week, month, quarter, and year. Summarize the administrative work, action and policy work of the organization during the quarter and year and propose to the Director of the Department consider to report to higher authority regularly and on time.
  6. Manage statistical work, budget and the work of accounting and finance department. Monitor and control the budget and accounting-finance various projects attached to the department. Summarize and report financial statement (statements of accounts) in a way to report monthly to the department head for it to be officially informed and on time.
  7. Manage the work of cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations. Summarize-summarize the progress in cooperation monthly, quarterly, annually, and submit the report to the Director to review it relates to the higher authority regularly and on time.

Planning and heritage management division

  1. Establish the plan, save the city map in the LPB zone maintained at the same time promote development, make the drawing detailed plans for each activity and facility in the area of community and different villages to submit the proposal to higher authority for its approval and announcement use as a manual for the implementation of the construction, repair, rehabilitation or preservation.
  2. Hold meetings at different levels, to make propaganda to inform each party as well as the entire population residing in the heritage area and other areas, about the planning of maintenance and further development of World Heritage LPB according to the policy issue by the state.
  3. Collect statistical data in different architectural history of LPB, data on the remarkable artistic culture and history in the city that are attached to the lifestyle of the people of multiple ethnic Lao and the great people of antiquity who saved and rehabilitated so far.
  4. Participate in giving feedback and technical guidance as the limit of its liability to the resort, other sections, government organizations, private and international plan for the management of the city, the preservation of the architecture, sight, heritage and environmental quality of the city.

Water and environment division

  1. Monitor, control and evaluate the implementation of the safeguard plan and development, construction management and repair activities. Grow ornamental plants in the city and save the ancient trees that mark identity and have special meaning for them to be sustainable forever.
  2. Promote community development and provide technical assistance for the preservation of the environment, natural views, remarkable architecture of the city, and the development of public parks and various places of rest within the territory heritage a certain limit or the higher authority has assigned the task.
  3. Promote and coordinate with other parties to provide technical assistance in organizing the management and disposal of garbage and dirty water and bad things and different views pollution inside the city.
  4. Coordinate with the various parties to make propaganda for the protection of the environment of the city to make it clean and beautiful and without different kinds of pollutions dangerous.
Luang Prabang World Heritage Office