For the sustainable management of heritage preservation, the Luang Prabang authorities outlined a strategy:

  • Maintain Luang Prabang as a world heritage city.
  • Promote Luang Prabang as a natural, historical, cultural and tourist center.
  • Improve Luang Prabang into a refreshing, attractive “City Park” in a quality environment.
  • Establish in Luang Prabang a Research Centre on the outstanding value of Lao culture.

Priority Programe

  • Preservation and enhancement of the outstanding value of Lao
  • Infrastructure planning and development.
  • Management of tourism.
  • Construction management.
  • Management of urban transportation.
  • Promotion of Lao traditional crafts.
  • Management of urban environment.
  • Awareness raising among local communities, domestic and foreign investors on the outstanding value of Luang Prabang’s heritage.
  • Production of magazines, brochures, posters, CDs, and information on Luang Prabang’s heritage.
  • Cooperation with relevant ministries, countries and international organizations, to benefit from experiences in the management of heritage and to obtain financial support, in accordance with the laws of Laos.