Regulation PSMV

Regulation PSMV


Faced with a society in full evolution and threatened with acculturation, it had become essential to promote architecture really in line with the lifestyles of the Luang Prabang inhabitants and to allow an urban development respectful of all the spatial models present in the city.

If the city already has several legislative and regulatory instruments to implement the protection of its heritage, it was necessary to put in place a tool more adapted to the specificities of the site.

The PSMV is, therefore, an urban planning document that governs all private or public spaces of historical, aesthetic or conservation interest. It allows:

  • An accurate analysis of the places
  • Undertaking restoration work capable of encouraging the re-appropriation of know-how
  • To assist the inhabitants (architectural and technical)



The protected area of PSMV:

Nearly 800 hectares, Including 29 villages and 04 zone:

  1. ZPP-Ua (Preservation Zone)
  2. ZPP-Ub (Protection Zone)
  3. ZPP-N (Natural and Scenery Zone)
  4. ZPP-M (Monasteries Zone)

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